Zestlife Astaxanthin for Dogs 60 soft gels

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There are a host of good reasons why you should give your dog an astaxanthin supplement.

  • Astaxanthin has many wide ranging health benefits, shown to be a very effective supplement.
  • Astaxanthin is a super-antioxidant – an important nutrient to diet.
  • Support for the immune system.
  • Support for joints
  • Support for muscles and eyes.
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There are a host of good reasons why you should give your dog an astaxanthin supplement. Astaxanthin has many wide ranging health benefits, shown to be a very effective supplement.

Astaxanthin is a super-antioxidant – an important nutrient to diet.

Up to 10kg          1 capsule every other day with food

10 – 20kg             1 capsule every day with food

20 – 40kg             2 capsules daily with food

Over 40kg            1 capsule for every 20 kg of weight

Pluvialis algae biomass        80mg

Astaxanthin                         4mg

Vitamin E                            10mg     83% NRV


Free from: Salt, Starch, Wheat, Maize, Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, Dairy products, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colours

The astaxanthin is extracted from a cultivated algal biomass called Haematococcus pluvialis which is naturally red, there is no artificial colouring in the fill or the shell.

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27 reviews for Zestlife Astaxanthin for Dogs 60 soft gels

  1. webmaster

    One of my Shetland dogs in the left hind leg for two days, although under permanent surveillance.
    This product appears to be helping

  2. webmaster

    I have an elderly dog with a large, lung, malignant mass… I found on several sites, followed by vets, recommended as a useful supplement for cancer problems. Although my bau a highlander, opting for natural cures, I see him that he is fine, so as far as I can understand it, I can only recommend Astaxanthin from Zestlife.

  3. Tom

    I take it from.long time a good product.

  4. Jane

    My 5yo border collie suffered with aching hips/back legs greatly since i got him 2 years ago. Especially after long walks/hiking he would be visibly sore afterwards, having to really pull himself up to get up off the floor and struggled to do so. He would ‘waddle’ after long walks too. Despite only being 5 years and fit. (We think this was due to lack of excercise and restricted movement before we got him and also suspected signs of arthritis.)

    It dawned on me that there may be supplements that could ease his aches and make life a little easier as it really pained me to watch him struggle when he loved being outdoors and hiking so much. So we thought we would try these.

    I give him 2 daily with his dinner, which he will just eat without any fuss.(usually!)

    I have seen a seriously crazy improvement, after around 2 weeks of use, he was no longer visibly sore after hiking. He doesn’t struggle to get up off the ground and he doesn’t waddle anymore. His back end and hips are no longer as sensitive to the touch. He generally seems much much happier and not in discomfort I would say, whatsoever now. Usually a doggo that would come in from a long walk and lay on the ground and struggle to get up afterwards, he gets up with ease. He has second wind and isn’t in any pain.

  5. Jane

    This really works!
    My old Springer has arthritis and was prescribed by our vet a doggy anti inflammatory loxicom or metacam but it’s expensive for the prescription, medicine and vet check every 3 months to get it. More than anything though he’s old and lives a rural life and finds going to the vets in the car very stressful, also seeing other dogs other than ours unnerves him and this in itself takes a few days to get over. He has tried other best sellers on Amazon but they’ve not had much effect.
    This one is good! He has been swimming in our pond trying to catch a Moor Hen and even chased a fox in the field behind ours, no chance of him catching either, but it made my heart leap that he tried! I will be stocking up! Thank you

  6. Reilly

    I was sceptical about this but I didn’t want to keep giving my 10 year old staff pain killers for his arthritis. I give him 2 capsules in his food and I’m amazed at the results. 3 days after starting them his limp stopped completely. 4 weeks on he is running and playing like s much younger dog. I genuinely am amazed. No pain relief anymore(under vet guidence) just these capsules. Very very happy.

  7. Brendan

    My 12 1/2 year old Labrador suffered periodically from lameness, I tried lots of products to help him and none seemed to relieve his discomfort. Since I used this product he has not suffered lameness and appears to have a new lease of life. I wll be ordering again.

  8. Steven

    Love the product. Works better than others I tried. My dog is now having a 2nd puppy hood

  9. Vera

    Dog loves them, I think they help his arthritis.

  10. Thomas

    My dog eats hers in her breakfast and I’m on the 2nd one now so will keep buying these
    They do wonders

  11. James

    Its the 2nd time I have bought this and see a massive difference in my dogs mobility almost straight away… He seemed quite stiff before and now is getting around a lot better. Well worth the money and must taste good as eats them without them being disguised.

  12. Dot

    Our 8 year old lab is much better on her legs after taking these
    She is happy to take them as sweeties

  13. Tim

    I use the product for my dog and she loves it

  14. Brian

    My dog likes it which is most important

  15. webmaster

    Bought for my senior dog to aid with her joint pain. They seem to be helping.

  16. Jonathan

    Great product at a great price

  17. Enid James

    My elderly staffie has arthritis, really helps

  18. Hillary Thomson

    So glad I found these

  19. Walter

    I give one to my 13 year old Yorkie every day as he was struggling with the stairs, but after taking these he is much better

  20. Jody M

    Exactly as described, right on time and easy to use. Thank you, I will re-order

  21. Jennifer

    This has helped my dog and he loves the taste

  22. Jed Thompson

    Great product for our GSD pup as he got HD

  23. Sally B.

    Absolutely brilliant stuff, my dog is twelve this year and has arthritis in one knee, she was still limping even with pain killers off the vet, I didn’t want her spending the rest of her life on painkillers because of the toxins in them, so tried her on these and within a week she was pain free and moving brilliantly, fantastic supplementWalter

  24. Walter Smith

    Bought when our doggy day care lady’s mother had recommended these. No idea about the level of pain relief or flavour. Our one year old girl dog had had a limp which didn’t shift and it was impossible for her to rest. After a week of using these soft gels her limp disappeared completely. She has stayed on them since, as she is very active.

  25. Danny

    My doggy started to limp and she was on a much more expensive product. My friend recommended these so I thought I’d give them a try. I was a bit worried she wouldn’t take capsules but she appears to love them. She is 10 in October and weighs 19kg. I give her two a day and the limping has gone. Very good product.

  26. James

    This is for my sister’s dog he has arthritis and this definitely helps to manage his pain and movement

  27. Janet

    Excellent product….very happy with the benefit to my dog

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