Zestlife ODOURLESS GARLIC 1000mg 90 softgel capsules

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Supplement your diet with Odourless Garlic 1000mg soft gels – helping to keep cholesterol and blood pressure at normal levels.


Zestlife Odourless Garlic  Supplement

  • The benefits of this herb appear endless its extraordinary antioxidant substance fights off free radicals.  Free radicals are the foundation of infection and cellular mutations.
  • Zestlife’s Garlic Supplement has the benefit of being odourless so will not cause bad breath or body odour.
  • Free from;Salt, Starch, Wheat, Maize, Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, Dairy products, Artificial Preservatives, Artificial Colours


  • Take 1 softgel daily with food.
  • Not suitable for vegetarian and vegans


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